Greg and I went to visit Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL early in July. They were dedicating their new building. It’s beautiful! Check out pictures from it at:

We had a great time meeting with some of the staff and just checking out Birmingham. We also got to visit with Greg’s (and mine now!) great friends David and Ashley Brisco and their adorable kids – Timothy and Nathan.



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  1. Julie

    Hey Kristin,

    So, you’ve joined the ranks of the bloggers now, too? Wow! Go for it! I loved the pics from Church of the Highlands. I can see why you were inspired…kinda like when we went to Chicago. It’s always great to see what is possible and remind ourselves to dream BIG!!

    Love ya,
    Julie V

  2. Go Global Everyone


    Pretty cool stuff. I love the pictures from your trip to The Church of the Highlands.

    Vasan : )

  3. Ryan

    hey kristin. welcome to the blogging world! wow, the kids areas at church of the highlands is awesome. give us some stuff to dream and plan for.


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