Vacation Bible School finished on Friday. The last day was awesome! We had a special offering of canned and non-perishable food. The food will go to our church’s brand new Food Pantry that John and Rennie Williams are coordinating. It was awesome seeing the kids give so freely! We asked the children to bring one item, but most brought a whole bag full! I know it’s parents helping their kids learn to give joyfully and freely – and I think it’s an incredible lesson to learn at a young age.

I actually had the opportunity to help a family in need last week with some items from our Food Pantry. It was a great feeling to know that we had something to give them, but we completely depleted the supply with just that one family (they had 6 kids)! Hopefully our VBS offering will set us up to help many more families and always have plenty to give away. Doesn’t God say that He gives seed to the sower…that’s exactly what He did. How awesome is He!
(cool pic thanks to RJ Vergara!)

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