Here We Are…Three Services!

Sunday was a great day in God’s House! We had almost 1500 people (1470) in the house, with 383 in Kids Life. That met and exceeded our attendance goal this year of 350! 26 Fresh Starts and 57 first-time guest cards filled out – it was an overall great day! Thank you to all our awesome teams for pulling together and making 3 services look easy. I’m so proud of all of you guys!
And the days leading up to the weekend were incredible. Some shout outs to:
Aimee Farmer – cleaning out the nursery/preschool area
Nicki Cooper and Linda Wong – for making sense of the crazy Nursery/Preschool closet
Ryan Emerson, Christian Santiago, and RJ Vergara – for persevering and making the Kids Life stage look awesome!
Melissa Horn, Kissy Blanchard, Tammy Wade, Kristi Shack and Gwen Lee- for cleaning and organizing like mad dogs
Vasan, Sherrie (and family), Amanda Meneses, and Belinda Russell – for making JKL shine
I hope I didn’t forget anyone!! Thank you to everyone who did such a great job this weekend with the prep work. It COULD NOT have been done without you.


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2 responses to “Here We Are…Three Services!

  1. kristishack

    Great blog Kristin! I love the pink!

  2. DonMichael

    You’re exactly right, we kicked off the first Sunday of 3 services with ease. We get to serve with some incredible people.

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