Greg in Mozambique, Africa

Greg is loving his time in Africa right now! Here he is helping to build a playground for some kids. They are working with Children’s Cup, an organization that cares for orphans in Africa, and Healing Place Church, an awesome church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can follow their trip at the Mozambique blog!

Mozambique is located on the south-east coast of Africa. It borders Swaziland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. They have gotten to spend some great time with the missionaries who are there. This area of Africa has a big Islamic influence, so the Gospel is greatly needed. I love Children’s Cup because they are meeting a huge need in Africa – caring for orphans – and spreading the love of Jesus. Because of the AIDS epidemic, Africa has more orphans than it can handle. This creates a huge opportunity to practically show the love of God. I’m so glad to be a part of what God is doing in Africa!


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