Saturday Fun

Greg is back from Africa, but his luggage didn’t make it, so I have no pictures to share. We have the pictures – on the camera – but the critical cable that connects the camera to the computer was in his luggage. The piece of luggage that is lost somewhere between here and Mozambique. This is the second time that Greg has lost luggage recently on his trips to Africa. Makes you really want to use Fed Ex! Pray that his luggage turns up! We would love to have it!

We are off to the International Goat Days Festival in Millington, TN. (I have no idea what makes it International) The highlight will be the Anvil Shoot at noon. Marrying Greg has opened up a whole new world for this city girl!

The Germantown Festival also kicks off today. We might even take a peek at it – depends how hot it is. It’s going to be a fun Saturday! I’m so glad Greg’s home!


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