Quick Trip to Washington DC

Greg and I had a great opportunity to go to Washington DC with our pastors, John and Leslie Siebeling. We went to check out this great coffee shop that National Community Church runs. It’s called Ebenezers, which means “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” And it’s located in a prime spot just a block from Union Station and near the some of the biggest office buildings in DC.

It’s cool place, plus they serve great coffee, but even better is that they are bringing Jesus out to the people. Even the girl I sat next to on my flight had heard about the coffee shop. The gm told us about how she’s seen people hear about the church in the coffee shop, attend a service and give their life to Christ. How awesome! It would be great to have a place like that in Memphis. Let’s knock down some religious walls and stereotypes and be relevant to the people. I think that’s why Jesus didn’t stay in the temples teaching – he walked around on the hillsides so he could be near the people who needed to hear his message. It was a great vision inspiring trip! For more pictures of our trip, go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/krievans/WashingtonDC


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  1. Sonja

    Great pictures! Looks like y’all really did have amazing weather that day. Thanks for posting them…

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