Chick Nite

We had a Chick Nite (our women’s ministry events) at church on Saturday. It was incredible! Our special speaker was Nancy Alcorn from Mercy Ministries. She shared an inspirational message about the importance of getting God’s word and His thoughts about you in you – and knowing who you are! Her life just radiates God’s grace. She started Mercy 25 years ago to see life transformation in the lives of young women who struggle with all kinds of issues: addictions, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy and host of other issues. She spoke at our church services on Sunday as well. Over 100 people gave their lives to Christ over the course of the weekend. Personally I was most challenged at the Kingdom Builder’s lunch where she spoke about relying on God’s word and believing it for provision for Mercy. God’s word is true and when He gives you a vision, He will provide. It’s a faith journey in the process. If you want to be challenged and encouraged to pursue God with everything – check out her book: Echoes of Mercy. I’m reading it right now!


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