Live the Dream

Sonja (my sis) and I had the opportunity to accompany Leslie (our senior pastor’s wife) on a great trip to Baton Rouge to the Live the Dream women’s conference at Healing Place Church. It was an incredible time! Great speakers – Holly Wagner, Christine Caine, and Tammy Trent – made the conference full of spiritual meat. The church was all dolled up in pink and glitery stuff, but the things the speakers were challenging us with were far from the normal girly fluff. It was all about rising up and fighting in the spiritual. We are called to fight for our lives, our children, our marriages, our churches. We are in this moment in time for a reason. God could have placed us on earth at any time in history and he chose now! So we have to find what it is we are here on earth for – today!

Holly Wagner encouraged us to do what the Bible says and teach the younger women. Anyone younger than you is your responsibility! Chris Caine challenged us to work out our dreams – don’t give up when it gets difficult. Just before a birth is the most challenging and painful time! If you give up then, you’ll never see your dream come to pass. Peaceful times does not always signify God’s will. Sometimes we have to work to see His will come to pass!


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