Today was a tough day. We decided about a week ago that it was time to let our little dog Penelope go. She’s been battling symptoms of what we think is a brain tumor since March of this year. We had a wonderful night with her Sunday night as we celebrated her doggie brother’s first birthday. Penelope and Cocoa had fun, pouch food (a treat) and I even made a doggie cake with two of their favorite foods – peanut butter and carrots. It was a great night! Penelope walked around and let everyone who wanted to pet her. That’s something she has not been doing. Then Sunday night and Monday she was back to her previous tired and seemingly painful self.

I am so thankful that we had her in our life for a little less than 8 years. She would have turned 8, or 48 in human years (small dogs age slower), on Christmas. Years ago I really wanted a dog. Michael Norwood’s family’s dog got pregnant and they graciously gave me a puppy. Penelope was a cute little hedgehog looking puppy who had the bossy, opinionated attitude of a classic Pom. She was an easy little dog to spoil. She loved to go for walks and “talk” to the neighbors dogs. She would stand at the fence and sniff and bark at the big dogs next door – a german shepherd and a golden retreiver. She always knew she was bigger than her 10 lbs. She even bossed around our new puppy who ended up being TWICE her size. That didn’t matter. Neither did the fact that she couldn’t see well. She still held her own.

She loved to play fetch and hide and seek. We would throw the toy then run hide. She would grab the toy and come find us. You could see her looking and sniffing the room to see where you were. She brightened our lives and gave us a reason to be home.

Even though today has been one of the toughest days, I am glad to have had her in my life. I’m thankful that God has allowed us to have pets – they bring so much love and comfort to our lives. Penelope will always be in our hearts and we love her very much!


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  1. KreativeMix

    happy thanksgiving!!!

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