Watoto Villages

Today we went to tour of two Watoto villages. The villages are set up with about 99 homes. A home consists of a mother and eight children. Clusters of 9 homes are scattered around the central meeting area and the schools. Within the 9 homes a senior mother helps to care and support the other 8 mothers and their children. It’s a very community supportive set-up. The villages also have a village manager who supports and helps the mothers to raise the children. The father in the couple becomes like a father figure to the children. It is really a God-concept! You can feel the peace as you enter the village. And when you look around at the relaxed and happy faces of the children and mothers, you know this is a special place.

We ate lunch in one of the homes with a mother and 4 boys – Mother Destiny, and boys Akim, Livingston, Russ and Nicholas. Her younger children had gone to a Christmas party, but the older boys were so pleasant to talk to. A few of them had been to the US on the choir tour and showed us their pictures. We also saw their love for soccer and their love for the word of God as posters of both were up on the walls of their rooms. These boys have vision and self-worth because of Jesus and how Watoto has demonstrated Jesus to them. These boys could be on the street or fending for themselves, but instead they are respectful, obedient young men who love their mother and have a bright future in front of them. It is really incredible! I love what they are doing here.



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2 responses to “Watoto Villages

  1. Brenda Yamnitz

    Great to hear the positive outcomes for the widows and orphans in the Watoto village, and I’m enjoying the pictures of all of you and the children! God bless you for all you do! I know all of you will continue to make a difference as you follow God’s call.

  2. kristishack

    I can’t wait to see all of the pictures and hear the stories. I wish I were there with yall.
    Praying for you–

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