Internet Campus

I am sick at home this Sunday morning…blah. I’m actually feeling better but since I thought I was dying yesterday and this is a relapse from a sickness I thought I was over last week, I decided one more day of real rest would be appropriate and I really didn’t want to spread to joy of sickness to all the kiddos (during cold and flu season we all have to do our part). Some weird viral infection that my body is fighting.

Anyway, since I was home playing on the computer resting, I participated in Life’s internet campus. It was an incredible experience! It felt like I was there – actually almost better because you get notes that you can add to and then email or print out. You can even respond buy clicking on things – like raise your hand or say “God is good, all the time.” Then you can even respond to the altar/ministry time. Before and after you can chat in the lobby and find out where everyone else is from. It was really cool!

This not like just watching sermons online – it really is a whole experience. There’s an Internet Campus Pastor who greets you and encourages you in all the church things – like partnership (aka membership), giving (you can give online) and joining a small group (they have Life Groups that meet online at specific days and times). I was totally impressed.

Now, as a real live church professional, I know the power of being in a room filled with the faith of others, but this internet campus is an incredible idea for multiple reasons. For people like me, who are sick, maybe chronically, it’s a way to get stay involved and connected to church. One lady was home with sick kids – what a great way to get fed spiritually in the midst of cold and flu season. It could also be a big plus for missionaries who are on the other side of the world without a Christian church to attend. It also gives people a chance to check out the church before they venture to the building.

Our church is going to the airways this coming Sunday (one more weekend and I could have watched US on tv). Check out The Life Church of Memphis at 11a Sundays on Memphis local channel 5.


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