Super Weekend

We are at home with our lovely puppy Cocoa watching the game. The score has been the same since, I don’t know, the first quarter? But then there’s always the ads. They have been ok. So far my favs have been the baby buying stocks and lizards dancing to thriller. Have you seen the commercial with Peyton and Eli competing in licking off double-stuff oreos? Hilarious. I haven’t seen it tonight, but you should check it out!

Touchdown Giants! Yea! Ok, new commercial to add to my favorites – Coke commercial with James Carville and Bill Frist. Love Bill Frist, a fellow Tennessean.

We had a great weekend around here with the first Men’s Conference at church. Joe Champion came to speak and really challenged the guys. He pastors Celebration Church in Austin, TX along with his wife Lori. It such a huge thing for guys to connect with God. Every person matters to God, whether male or female, but when a man in the family gets committed to God, then 90% of the families follow. When the wife is the one committed the church, the statistic is below 50%. And as a women in the church, I love to see guys committed to Jesus and living a real Christian life. We need more of them!


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  1. Found you! You’re now in my bloglines so I’ll see each and every single post you write.


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