Sugar and spice and everything nice…

…that’s what little girls are made of. We adopted a rescue puppy girl today! Her name is Sugar, actually Brown Sugar, but we will call her Sugar or “Sugah” whichever you’d like. She’s a sweetie! Already she is getting accustomed to her new home and cuddling with Greg. She supposed to my puppy, but just like Cocoa, I think she’ll favor Greg.

We wanted to get a dog that would be a good size to be a good playmate for Cocoa. Since Cocoa is supposed to be a small Pomeranian – instead he’s almost 17 lbs! – we figured getting another LARGE Pom would not be possible. So instead, I started looking for closely related dog breeds and found American Eskimos. They have a bunch of energy, love children, and are very intelligent. We looked first at breeders, but I’ve always wanted to “rescue” a dog so I started searching on and found Mid-South Eski Alliance, a group that rescues American Eskimos.

There are tons of these breed rescue groups around the US. They take dogs who are strays, or whose owners that can’t keep them, or who are at the end of their rope at a shelter. Many times when you see a raid on the news of people who are not treating their dogs humanely, these breed rescues are the ones that help to house, rehabilitate, and place these dogs.

So we got Sugar from this rescue group. She’s a puppy – only 13 weeks old – so she’s not been mistreated or in a bad situation. Her mother was about to be put down because she had heart worms (a treatable condition) when the breed rescue got her. Little did they know she was pregnant with this litter of puppies. (She had her little ones and received treatment for heart worms and is doing great.)

Sugar was staying in McMinnville, TN – about 5 hours from here – so to get her to Memphis they arranged a transport. It reminded me of the underground railroad – people meet up and transfer the dogs to their vehicles, then drive short legs until the dogs get to their forever home destination. We agreed to drive one leg, but then yesterday the lady from the rescue emailed and said she did not get all the legs filled and we’d have to wait till next weekend. We couldn’t have that! We were ready for this puppy!

So my wonderful husband got up really early and drove all the way past Nashville to pick up Sugar and another adult dog named Felicity. I knew this would happen – Felicity really bonded with my DH and he suggested even keeping her. Of course we could not since she had her family waiting on her in Mississippi. But it was such a fun experience! And the dog that was grown had come from such a bad situation, it was great to see what a sweet dog she had become after over a year of rehabilitation.



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