Sick Little Puppy

We had to take Sugar, our new little puppy, to the Emergency Vet early Wednesday morning. She was having severe intestinal distress – vomiting and the other yucky stuff. When we saw blood in it, we knew it was serious. It is – she has Parvo – a deadly virus that strikes puppies especially because of their fragile immune system and digestive system. It usually leads to dehydration, shock and death. We believe we caught it soon enough and that she will recover. She has a couple of things going for her – she’s older (15 weeks) and she has had 3 vaccinations for it, so maybe she has few antibodies developed. She is at the vet right now getting fluids and antibiotics through IV . She’s had no incidents of “intestinal distress” for over 24 hours, so we are hoping that she’ll recover her appetite soon and be able to come home.

Meanwhile, I’m cleaning everything I can with bleach. It’s the only thing that kills this hardy virus. Cocoa, our other puppy, is safe because he has been vaccinated and he’s older with a stronger immune system. But we’ll still keep an eye on him and I’m cleaning all his stuff too just to be on the safe side.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day! Sugar is my (very expensive now) V-day gift from Greg.



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2 responses to “Sick Little Puppy

  1. Oh Kristen! I almost started crying! I’m going to go love on my puppies RIGHT NOW!

  2. Dodi Allen

    Hi Kristin
    I stumbled across your blog while surfing the net looking for information about Uganda and the Watoto Villages.

    I am preparing the paperwork to volunteer in a Watoto Program. (special interest in Baby Watoto)
    I was moved and called after watching the Watoto Choir at our church.

    I am hoping we could begin some dialogue about your observations.

    Dodi Allen
    15A Banner Road,
    Nepean, Ontario, Canada
    K2H 8T3

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