Little Girl in Kenya

Greg and I sponsor a young girl named Kellen through Compassion International. She lives in Kenya and with the recent unrest there, she’s really been on my heart. I think her town is not in the middle of everything, but things can really escalate in Africa quickly and she could be caught in it all. I’m praying for her intensely during this time. Children are very vulnerable with violence breaks out in Africa. As seen in other countries, they can be “recruited” (kidnapped) to be child soldiers or “wives” (sex slaves) for the soldiers. I pray that Kenya does not get to this point.

Her recent letter told me of her dream to become a nurse one day. She does very well in school and loves Jesus. I pray that her dream will become reality for her. She is 16 years old (I’ve been her sponsor since she was 5) and beginning to think about the future and dream. I pray that her future is bright!


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  1. I just have a sense the Lord has not brought her this far without due cause–I suspect her future will be bright. Praise be to God.

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