I Am From…

I saw this activity on someone else’s blog about a month ago…and I can’t remember whose to give them credit! But it’s a fun little writing activity…

I am from wooden spoons, from Blackburn syrup and Christmas cookies.I am from the a small home aglow with warmth and safety and with smells of red beans and rice.

I am from the Louisiana magnolia tree, the Norwegian fjords and the red clay of Mississippi.

I am from birthday morning celebrations and perseverance, from Ann Williams and Jan Ulsteen and Walters.

I am from the mother who tenderly nurtured and the father who embodied hard work and patriotism.

From “look with your eyes, not with your hands” so as not to breaks something in a store and “Maple, Maple, get your elbows off the table” for good manners.

I am from Southern Baptist church, from youth camp and VBS, from Wednesday night dinners to choir.

I’m from Virginia and Mississippi and Norway, grits, Karbonader and Gjetost Cheese.

From the grandfather who went to beat up the preacher but instead became one himself, the mother who worked as a nurse through Hurricane Camille and the father who volunteered to help with clean up.

I am from picture albums lost in Hurricane Katrina, but memories that will last forever and a day.

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