Greg is in India this week connecting with the missionaries and nationals we will be working with for the upcoming Go Global trip. This is his first trip there and he’s having good time. They flew into Hyderabad, then traveled by plane to Mumbai. There he saw much poverty and depravity as they visited feeding and housing programs for children of sex workers. I think this is the same place that Christine Caine blogged about recently. They also visited some slums that were some of the worst he had ever seen.

From there they traveled to Delhi. This place is the center for business and the missionaries there have started a microfinance program helping people start businesses to support their families. Delhi is also where all our customer service calls are going. He’s enjoyed talking with the guy there and exploring the microfinance side of things.

I know it’s hard when you go on a trip like this to process all that you are seeing. Bottom line is that the world needs us! We are blessed in America to be a blessing! If you’ve never been a part of a short-term mission trip, check it out at Go Global. We have a number of trips happening this summer. If you can’t go, pray and support those who are. We can all play a part to make a difference.


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