First Days of the Fast

We started a Daniel Fast at our church this month. We’re going 21 days until Easter with certain days of water and juice fast. It’s going to be an incredible experience, but right now we are all in the first days of it. I’ve come to realize I must have a sugar/carb addiction because I’ve had a headache, fatigue and grouchiness. I was already off caffeine, so I’m assuming its all the sugar I consume. It’s amazing the things that have added sugar. Today I bought some Craisins and was so excited when I really like them. Then I looked at the back and saw that they have added sugar to them. That’s why they were so good!

I have an advantage with the fast – my whole office is also fasting since I work full-time at the church. So I don’t have to worry about anyone bringing in baked goods or anything like that. Though that was pretty much all we talked about in the office today. I’m ready to get over the initial shock to my system and start enjoying it. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Kelly P. called last night and was telling me about the fast… can’t wait to hear how it goes and the results!

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