Finally the Snow Came…and Went!

We finally got the snow that I had been waiting for all winter! It came down on Friday afternoon, then was almost completely melted away by Saturday afternoon. But it was beautiful! The most snow I’ve ever seen in Memphis. At our house we measured five inches on the deck. And it was the great type of snow that you can make snowmen with. I tried to make the dogs a snow puppy, but they just thought the mound of snow was great fun to attack.

Cocoa loved the snow! His coat makes him perfect for playing in the snow. It takes quite a while before he actually feels cold. Sugar on the other hand still has a puppy coat, so she would need breaks to warm up. Check out the pictures of her all snuggled up with the blanket. They had a great time in the snow.


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  1. I am not sure if the photographs of the dogs are lying, but there sure looks to be difference in personalities between the two of them!

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