Sugar’s Broken Leg

Well, our little Sugar once again had to endure a trip to the pet ER. She jumped from too high of a spot trying to get to her big brother Cocoa. We joke that the reason she survived Parvo was because of her daring and sassy personality. It may have helped her fight off that deadly virus, but this time it caused her pain. When she landed, instead of her feet hitting the ground, she hit on her right leg and shoulder then rolled to her back. It was a scary fall and we are just glad that her neck or back was not injured.

She’s got “the best type of break you can have”, the vet said. It doesn’t need surgery and her leg was still in alignment. So after 2.5 hours at the ER, we took home little Sugar with pretty purple cast and a cone collar. We took off the collar because she’s not bothering it. She just lays around and acts pitiful. The vet said to keep her calm….for the next four weeks! Already she wants to run and play with Cocoa. We need some good chew bones!

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