Getting Ready for Easter Weekend

Millions of Christians across the globe are gearing up for Easter this weekend. The news stations will report that is the holiest of holidays for Christians. And it is a holy time to remember all that God did by sending Jesus to take the punishment for our sin. But really I walk with that reality daily. It is the reason I exist and have any hope at all. So for me, Easter is about others realizing God’s amazing love. When I think of how Jesus laid down his ambitions – we often think of Jesus as God somehow without natural desires. But the Bible says that he was fully God and fully human. I can attest that as a human I often want things that are really of no eternal purpose to me. In fact, they might just be for my comfort and convenience. But Jesus laid down all of that and took on our sin, ugliness, and evil so that I could live. So this Easter (and last Easter and next Easter and all the Easters as long as God allows) I will be part of a huge team of people who will lay down their comfort and convenience to make church a place where people can connect with God. In a small way I want my efforts to mimic Jesus’ huge sacrifice.  God please give me that heart!


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