Beautiful Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend at our church – The Life Church of Memphis. We went from operating 3 services to 5 on this weekend, with one of these being at the Collierville YMCA. We’ve launched our Collierville Campus there and Sunday was the first official day!

This past weekend I went to church on Friday night, then served – mainly in the nursery/preschool area – for the 3 services at the Cordova campus. It was an awesome service! In the middle of worship, there was a video of our people simply telling a line from their testimony and the words: “but with God I overcame.” I wish I could relay the power that was in that video. To hear where people came from and how God worked in their lives was so incredible. I think when people come into our church they see a group of incredible leaders who are loving Jesus and loving life and totally flourishing because they are serving God wholeheartedly. What people don’t see are the awesome testimonies behind every person’s life. Everyone has a story because we all have messed up and fall so so short of God’s standard.

If you are thinking that you’re not good enough to be in church or you’ll never get to the place where other people are – remember that God plays no favorites; He draws near to those who draw near to Him. When we seek Him with our whole heart, we’ll find He’s there ready to make our life what He’s created our life to be. Are you ready to begin living your real life? Join in to what God is doing and watch Him transform your life.


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  1. Oh, I hope Pastor John will post the video so we can see it!

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