Big Change…Swaziland

Official announcement…Greg and I (and the puppies) are moving to Swaziland, Africa to work with Children’s Cup and a new church plant by the same people – Healing Place Swaziland. We will be focused more on the church side of things and will spend a year with our friends Ben and Susan Rodgers, the pastors, helping in any way we can!

We are so excited about this move and can’t wait till we live in Africa! It has been a dream of Greg’s since he was a little boy and I’ve always wanted to live on the mission field. We know that there will be challenges to face and adjustments to make, but I’m praying that we get there and feel that this is what we were made for! Don’t worry – you’ll still see us around. The world is becoming smaller every day with technology and air travel being so accessible. And you can always come to Swazi on a mission trip with Go Global. We would take good care of you!  

We are leaving the beginning of September. You’ll see more about our journey in the next few weeks. We’re creating a website right now where you can see the vision and what we’re doing. I’ll let you know when its up! 


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