The Secret to True Happiness Book Giveaway

#1 New York Times bestselling author and international speaker Joyce Meyer has just released a new book, The Secret to True Happiness. Written in her signature style of wit and hard truth from God’s word, this book is both entertaining and poignant. I read it in the morning along with my devotional time. It’s like eating oatmeal for breakfast; the points she makes stay with you. 


Joyce writes out her own experience of not enjoying life and coming to the realization that enjoyment was a choice she had to make. Her willingness to tell personal stories help make this book even more accessible and understandable. So many of us are trying so hard to get the things we think will make us happy when really happiness is found in the choices we make with attitudes, mindsets and discipline. 


There are so many topics covered in this book it’s like a primer for happiness. With 28 chapters, she covers a lot of ground. She starts with themes like trusting God through trials and enjoying life. Then she touches on practical issues of getting rest, staying healthy and working through emotions. The last chapters are full of great stuff that  is great to refer back to again and again. 


My favorite chapter is one titled “Out-of-Control” about not trying to control others or relying too heavily on what others think of you. She makes the great point that we are only going to accountable to God concerning what He told us to do. She says, “God is not going to want to hear that we disobeyed him because we did not want to make anyone angry.” God’s been dealing with me about really hearing Him and doing what He tells me to do and not anything and everything I think is a good idea. We can really delete all our energy when we’re involved in too many “good” things that we miss the “best” thing that God has designed us to do. 


I think this is a great book for everyone! And recommend that you pick up a copy. Better yet – enter my contest and you’ll receive one for free! Just leave a comment on this blog about what brings you happiness or makes you smile. I’ll randomly choose a name to win on Wednesday, April 30th. Happy commenting! 



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8 responses to “The Secret to True Happiness Book Giveaway

  1. Lesha

    She is a wonderful author. My son manages to make me smile everyday. 🙂

  2. Johannah B

    Seeing my sons chose to follow God’s ways and not the ways of the world.

  3. Karin

    Watching a puppy’s playful antics makes me smile!

  4. Julie V

    There is nothing that GUARANTEES a smile from me like hearing a baby “belly-laugh!” Nothing like it!!!

  5. Cinda

    A few things that make me smile…
    *driving on a sunny day with the windows down, singing to good music
    *turning my alarm off the night before, knowing I get a morning to sleep in
    *watching The Office with good friends

  6. Christi Cave

    Look at me commenting on your blog!
    A few things that come to mind,,,,,
    * cool Spring mornings
    * warm Spring afternoons
    * praise and worship
    * my children having conversation when they don’t know I am listening
    * watching my youngest son dealing with the tug of the Holy Spirit
    *(inspired from the comment above) SLEEPING IN!!!!!
    * my oldest son being comforted in the Lord and sharing it!
    Must I stop?

  7. Sarah

    -watching my son make a new discovery
    -spending time with my amazing husband
    -closing my eyes and thinking about all the incredible things God has blessed me with

  8. Apryl Campbell

    Happiness comes to me in many forms. Laughing with friends, watching my daughter grow (physically & spiritually), working hard when at the end of the day you know you gave it your all, & what provides me the most happiness is knowing that God, creator of the universe, is mindful of me. When I stop and wrap my little brain around that (as much as I can) it makes me giddy with happiness.

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