Happy 4th of July!

I love celebrating Independence Day! Though, my husband just told me that the declaration of independence was actually voted on July 2nd (his birthday!) but the newspapers didn’t report it until the 4th, so the 4th it is! I love that our country, the great experiment is still the free-est places on earth; a place where you can pursue your dreams and a place full of opportunity.

Now I realize that right now we are all focused on the problems of our country because we are in an election year. Everyone likes to make the case that we are so bad off and that we have so far to go. But let me tell you – as a person who has traveled some to other countries – I am so thankful for my American passport. I’m thankful that in spite of all our challenges, we are still the greatest nation in the world! (I know – some American pride there!) But we still are farther ahead than many other countries in working out our issues. Just like every family has some dysfunction – every nation has issues to keep working out. But today is day to put aside all those issues and focus on the great things about our nation. So as I sit here in my red, white and blue, here are a few things I love about the US of A:

  1. Women can vote, drive, work, and generally enjoy all the same rights as men.
  2. Anyone with the perseverance, capital, and guts can open their own business.
  3. Freedom to worship the way I choose.
  4. You can own a gun if you want to.
  5. Free public education.
  6. Fireworks on the 4th of July!
  7. Disney World!
  8. Hawaii – what a great addition to our 50 states!
  9. College football
  10. Minor league baseball
  11. Immigration – my dad became a US citizen in 1972!
  12. Free refills and ice in drinks at restaurants.
  13. Reasonable laws and policies – for the most part, they make sense.
  14. Equal access to representation
  15. In God We Trust
  16. Smooth transition between administrations – there’s not a chance of a coup or that Bush will refuse to vacate the office of president when the election happens later this year. As we move to Africa, I appreciate this even more!
  17. The idea of personal responsibility – we are not completely dependent on our government for everything!
  18. Good hygiene and health habits

Those are off the top of my head…I’ll update…what do you love?



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2 responses to “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Kelley

    I have to agree Kristin! Nothing makes me appreciate my US citizenship more than when I travel to other countries and see how advanced (not just technologically but idealistically) we really are. We take so much of our freedom for granted, and unless we travel outside of the US we can’t imagine that everyone doesn’t have the same freedoms. God bless the USA!!!!

  2. jean ohlerking

    chocolate. the USA has just about every kind of chocolate you can imagine. one of the best (and unsurpassed in any country) is dutch chocolate ice cream. you’d think the dutch could do it too, but nay. the best brand is blue bell from right here in the deep south. yummers. add a few pecans and sit back in your favorite chair, feet up on a hassock, and ah, life is good. all i can say is, “God Bless America!”

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