Too Many Promises to Count

A few Sundays ago we were visiting a church and heard a great sermon – though a little ambitious – the speaker had 27, yes 27!, points to his sermon. Needless to say he did not get through it in the 30 minutes he had to speak and had to rush through the end of it. Regardless, the points were great – all God’s promises to us based entirely on God’s word. He started it by saying that is not like so many people depict him to be – mean, and glaring down from above waiting to strike us if we mess up. Instead, God has a loving heart towards us and wants the very best for our lives. From the time of creation to the when Jesus returns, God is always about drawing His creation back to Himself. The promises in the Bible are too numerous to even count, but here are a couple that struck a chord with me.

God Turns Curses Into Blessings! – Deuteronomy 23:5 – “…He (God) turned the intended curse into a blessing because the Lord your God loves you.” What the devil intends for evil, God works for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) Jesus showed this even on the cross when the devil thought he had beaten Jesus by killing him. What he didn’t realize was this marked a huge turning point in our relationship with God because Jesus paid the price for our sin. And death could not keep him down.

In my own simple life I’ve seen this played out over and over. Like with the death of my mother – while it’s not the way I’d like to grow spiritually, God has used it for good in not only my life, but my whole family’s life.

I’ve been rear-ended and received more money from the insurance company than it really took to fix my car.

When I first moved to Memphis my roomie and I accidentally got an apartment in the ‘hood. Numerous times the cops were called to our apartment cove area for a neighbor’s drug dealing, we suspect. We prayed and decided to just take the hit that breaking our year-long lease 3 months into it would result. Instead the apartment complex offered to let us transfer to a new property they had just purchased in Cordova. All our deposits transferred PLUS we got the move-in special of a month free rent. (It happened to be December so we were overjoyed to have some extra money for presents!!)

How has God turned a curse into a blessing in your life?


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  1. Hey Kristin! I love your question. One story stands out in my mind- when our apartment at Champion Hills flooded. None of our furniture was damaged, although it was very inconvenient living with bedroom furniture in our living room and guest bedroom, and we received 2 months free rent plus they allowed us to stay an extra month past our lease while we were closing on our house. A second thought comes to mind- when I got food poisoning on my first trip to Peru. No, I didn’t like throwing up. However, it was that incident that brought Mundo and me together. Sometimes God can even use throwing up for our good!

    Thanks for reminding me of God’s awesome grace in my life. Blessings to you and Greg as you are on the road.


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