25 years ago….

I saw this on someone’s blog a while back and just finished my post. It’s fun! Just an abbreviated history of my life…

25 years ago…My sister and I were playing Barbie dolls. I lived in Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. We loved our house, but our parents said it was too small and we were planning to build our dream house in Mandeville, Louisiana. We went to Walter G. Schneckenburger Elementary (can you imagine learning to spell THAT as a 1st grader!), a small neighborhood school that we walked to everyday. Times were different…

A year later our brother Peter was born and he was the joy of our lives…a real live doll!

20 years ago… We were now a family in crisis…after a four year battle with cancer my mother passed away when I was 14. The silver lining the dark cloud over our family was my father’s decision to follow Jesus days before my mother died. I think she finally knew my dad would be ok. So my high school years (and jr. high) were filled with the normal teenage stuff of dating, church youth group, dance team and band plus the abnormal stuff of caring for a little brother and cooking and cleaning at home. My sister and I tried to fill all the gaps left by my mom’s death…exhausting.

15 years ago… I was in college at The University of Southern Mississippi and feeling the freedom of just having to keep up with myself. I like to say I was in college for the entire experience, not just education, but actually it was an education in life. I dated a bunch of completely different people. I handled my money so poorly at one point I gave my checkbook to my sister and asked her not to let me spend any money. (She was at Southern Miss too.) I grew as a Christian and was actively involved at church and my college ministry. My immaturity made me a paradox of sorts, but it was all a big learning curve. It’s good to look back and remember that…and give grace to those who are there now.

10 years ago…I’ve been teaching for two years with Shelby county as a hearing specialist traveling and a little time at West TN School for the Deaf. God has been radically changing my life through my involvement at The Life Church of Memphis. I came on staff at The Life Church as a little bit of everything. I answered the phones, assisted the pastors, copied sermon tapes, led the children’s ministry and did whatever needed to be done to make church a success. It was a great learning time for me…full of new, exciting things! 

5 years ago…Now living in Memphis, I was in my fifth year on staff at The Life Church of Memphis. This would a great year for me as I was finally feeling at home in my role as Children’s Pastor. I was living with my sister and best friend in a house we had all purchased together. While being single was never my goal, it was becoming a fun thing. We watched tons of Jane Austen movies, traveled, entertained friends and enjoyed life. And I had a precious little Pomeranian who received all our nurturing and caring tendencies…needless to say she was spoiled rotten.

Today…I have been married the perfect partner in life for me – Greg Evans – for almost 3 years. Both of us were in our thirties when we met, but we adjusted well to married life and love it! We are getting ready to move to the mission field of Africa. We don’t have any children yet, but have two dogs – Cocoa and Sugar – who we love! We’re so excited (and nervous) to be moving and beginning this new chapter of our lives! 


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