What You Can Live Without

We’ve been in Africa for almost 3 months now and we’re learning what is really necessary in life. It’s amazing as Americans what we have come to just expect out of life. No-wait internet, central heating and air, satellite tv, my own car, mail delivery and home phone lines were all just part of my regular life back in the states – none of which we have currently in Swaziland. And to be honest it’s not too bad. 🙂

The people we work with have even less. We are wealthy compared to the majority of Swazis. In fact, I heard a fact recently that if you have the education to be able to read a book and finances to purchase a book, you are among the wealthiest people in the world. And I believe if you’re reading this on the internet you may be in an even higher minority.

Average Americans do not consider themselves to be wealthy, but we are! Our blessings are way beyond the norm compared to the world. I believe part of the blessings given to America is because of our Christian heritage and being founded on truth from God’s Word. While everything in America is far from perfect, God has been so gracious to us and continues to shine His grace on us. Praise God!


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  1. Cinda

    Great post. We really are spoiled in America. I’ve heard so many people say that to really appreciate what you have, you have to live without it. Kristin, thank you for giving up some comforts to spread God’s word!

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