Cocoa’s Turn

We had a traumatic evening Monday night. Everything was great – cooking spaghetti and green salad for dinner, beautiful evening, and the dogs were running happily around the yard. Our neighbors pulled in their driveway and our dogs went crazy. They love to run along the fence, where their driveway runs, and bark at their car. All of sudden we heard yelping! I thought our neighbors had hit their dog, then a I realized it was one of our dogs – Cocoa. Somehow in the excitement of running, he must have tripped on steps we have connecting the front yard to the back yard. He was laying in the grass with all his legs up, crying. My husband picked him up and immediately said his leg was broken. I was hoping he was wrong, but he wasn’t.

We rushed to the vet hospital that we’ve passed countless times but had yet to visit since we’ve only lived in this town for 3 months now. Thankfully they saw us even though it was 20 minutes before closing. We don’t even know where the ER vet is located, plus it ALWAYS cost more… don’t we know!

Cocoa was in shock, so they bandaged him, gave him pain med injection, and started an iv. They had to wait till the next day for x-rays, but thought the injury would require surgery. The x-rays the next day proved it would. Dogs have two bones – similar to our forearm – that make up their leg. Cocoa had broken both bones and they were totally out of alignment and would definitely require surgery.

We’ve been through a broken leg before with our younger dog Sugar, but she had “one of the best breaks you can have.” Only one bone broken, so the other one held it in place and it wasn’t even dislocated. This time the vet said this was one of the worst.

So the next day the vet operated and put a metal plate on the larger bone with six screws – three above the break and three below. The x-ray of the completed operation was totally different than the scary picture of his broken leg.

Cocoa lounging and resting his broken leg.

Cocoa lounging and resting his broken leg.

So now comes the fun part of recovery! Sugar recovered very quickly from her little break – only 4 weeks with a splint. Even when she had the splint on she was very active. This time, I’m really cautioning Greg that we must keep Cocoa calm for the whole 8 weeks. His break was so bad, it could easily be made worse by too much activity too soon. Thankfully the rainy season is coming and both our dogs get drowsy when it rains.

Sugar's supportive laziness. She doesn't understand why he can't go run with her.

Sugar's supportive laziness. She doesn't understand why he can't go run with her.

So we just have to survive the next 8 weeks – then… we’ll have a newborn baby and have to survive those first 8 weeks! I hope we make it! Our own little version of Survivor, only no one gets the luxury of being voted off!


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