Dogs, Meds, and Pee

Cocoa went back to the vet to have his bandage changed – which is really good because he peed on it a couple of times – it’s hard being a boy dog and unable to lift your leg.

They also checked the sutures and said it’s all looking good. He came back with two drugs in his system – one sedative and one anti-sedative. Thank goodness I’m an information junkie – I had just looked up one of the meds and a side effect is that they automatically pee about 2 hours after being given the med. Sure enough, he was just standing there – in our den unfortunately – and he peed. Yikes!

This post has a lot of pee in it for some reason.

A hint I thought share about giving your dog medicine that they hate: get wet food/canned food – we like Pedigree chunks – and hide the pill in the chunks of food. Most dogs, especially if they usually eat dry food, are so excited about the wet food they swallow it so quickly they don’t even notice the yucky pill hidden inside. It’s worked like charm the last few days which is great because the first day we had WW3 getting a pill down his throat.


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