We are THAT (Furbaby) Family!

Kristen, over at We Are THAT Family blog is celebrating her 2nd blogaversary! She has an awesome blog with hilarious real-life stories that inspire, make you laugh and comfort you at the same time! Love reading her blog. So I thought I’d link up for her celebration.

At first I didn’t think we qualified to be a “THAT family” since we are just now expecting our first child. Then one of my puppies (dogs, but I like to call them puppies) just broke his leg and I remembered. Umm, as furbaby parents, we are still “THAT family!”

First of all, we live in South Africa. But our dogs are American. We brought them over when we moved on the plane. Quite an ordeal. There were lots of hoops to jump through and extra expenses (thank goodness for garage sales for funding) but we really wanted our dogs with us.

But the main thing that reminds me that we “THAT family” is the number of times we’ve visited the ER vet just with our puppies! Before we got the two we have now, I had a dog when I was single that came to live with us when we bought a house as a married couple. Since joining “THAT family” she got to see the ER in the middle of the night twice!

Then we got Cocoa and Sugar. Sugar hadn’t been with us a week before she required an ER visit for contracting Parvo before she has come to us. She was in quarantine for 3 days and we were the fur-parents who came to visit her. The vet said, “You can’t visit a dog in quarantine!” But she let us look through the glass at her anyway. We think it’s a reason why she recovered so quickly – that and prayers for the will the live. She got that- she’s sassy now!

So she came home as a little pup and recovered nicely. But loved to try and keep up with her big brother. Two weeks after the Parvo ordeal, she jumped from my husband’s arms to catch her brother Cocoa and landed wrong on our deck. Broken leg. Another ER visit. By this time the ER and our regular vet knew us quite well!


We’ve gone a while without an emergency visit – a whole year – which is good because we lived in Swaziland, Africa and not sure what type of ER care they have for dogs there. But less than three months after we move to South Africa – just around the corner from a very good vet hospital – we have another broken leg. This time Cocoa while running through the yard tripped on stone steps.

Cocoa lounging and resting his broken leg.

Cocoa lounging and resting his broken leg.

So, I started thinking… if all this happening to our puppies, what will be like when we have children? I personally have never been to the ER for myself. I asked my husband…umm, too many trips to the ER to count. Great!



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3 responses to “We are THAT (Furbaby) Family!

  1. Oh, my! Yep, we were THAT family before kids too. Our dog ate ANYTHING we left out in the kitchen. Including RAW chicken. Yum.

  2. Your dogs are so cute, but accident prone, eh?
    Glad all is well now.

    You’re in South Africa!! My daughter served on a month long mission trip to Botswana, Africa the summer before her senior year in high school. They had to fly into South Africa and then ride a bus to Maun. I don’t know how they rode that many hours, but they did it. My niece served in S.Africa three different times. They want to return again someday.

    • krievans

      Our dogs are a little hyper which I think contributes to the accidents. Taking steps now to curb some of their enthusiasm.

      Africa is awesome! It gets in your heart and you are never the same! Don’t know how long it is to Maun, Botswana, but we used to live in Swaziland and we often had groups fly into Johannesburg, SA and drive into Swazi – flights were cheaper that way.

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