Cultivating a Thankful Heart

I felt the need today to remind myself of the many ways God has blessed me. I know Thanksgiving is still a month away, but this is something we need to do all the time. I’m so blessed yet sometimes I feel myself falling into the trap of wanting more. So here’s my exercise of thankfulness – off the top of my head, in no particular order:

1. Thankful for a roomy house where we can host guests.
2. Thankful for my two lovable dogs.
3. Thankful for my husband who provides and cares for me in more ways than I really even realize.
4. Thankful for the food I have – help me steward it wisely.
5. Thankful for the food my dogs have. Being able to afford to care for them makes me wealthy in this part of the world.
6. Thankful for a church in Memphis that loves and supports us.
7. Thankful for my family that are coming to visit – my sister and her husband and my brother.
8. Thankful for my dad and step-mom and their generous gift of stroller and car seat.
9. Thankful for my computer.
10. Thankful for friends who sent me a bunch of maternity clothes. Don’t know what I’d be wearing right now without them!
11. Thankful for all the people who came to my Skype baby shower back in Memphis – and gave generous gifts! Can’t wait to see all the gifts when my family gets here.
12. Thankful for a season of rest as we prepare for the new baby.
13. Thankful for a healthy pregnancy (even at the age 36! Don’t believe everything you read. )
14. Thankful for this new life that will soon be here!
15. Thankful that God knows the future and continues to direct us step by step.
16. Thankful that for a great hospital and doctor here in South Africa.
17. Thankful for friends back in Swaziland.
18. Thankful for new friends that we’re making here.
19. Thankful to be pursuing the God-dream in our hearts.
20. Thankful to be alive at this point in history!

What are you thankful for?



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3 responses to “Cultivating a Thankful Heart

  1. Aimee

    I’m thankful for:
    1. This reminder. I needed it!
    2. A God who knows when I need encouragement.
    3. A sweet friend who obeys God and is always an encouragement to me.

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! Motherhood is amazing. You are going to absolutely love it.

    I am thankful for:
    * my heroic, hard-working husband
    * my two beautiful little girls
    * my health
    * my vision
    * my Macbook
    * New York Cheesecake


  3. Vasan


    1. My God who adores me
    2. My wife …my partner in life
    3. My kids who give me the joy of being a Dad
    4. My church that expands my vision and challenges me not to accept mediocrity.

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