Stocking Stuffers – WFMW


This posts is part of a blog carnival over at WeAreThatFamily – check it out for more holiday tips.

After the days of Santa Claus were over, our family continued the tradition of stockings on Christmas morning. I just love the little trinkets, candy and stuff you get in a stocking. This idea could get the whole family involved with stuffing stockings – you set parameters like only homemade items, or a certain dollar amount, or, like my sis and I did one year accidentally, only things you can find at Wal-mart – which is about everything!  The creativity is really fun!

Here it is:

  1. Agree that everyone participating in the stocking stuffing will give gifts within a certain parameter – such as under $10 or only homemade, etc.
  2. Everyone shops or prepares their gifts prior to Christmas Eve.
  3. Christmas Eve, just before everyone goes to bed, place everyone’s stocking in his/her own room, or other designated private place.
  4. Everyone rotates visiting the rooms and stuffing the stockings EXCEPT their own room and stocking.
  5. Once the rotation is complete and everyone has stuffed the stockings, take the last stocking you stuffed and put it in the designated stocking spot – under the tree, at the fireplace, kitchen table, etc.
  6. Everyone goes to bed! This way no one is tempted to peek at their own stocking and the surprise is kept till the morning.

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