One Week (or so) to Go

39 weeks pregnant… only one week till the due date. I’m very excited but nervous too about this huge life change.

I know with any addition to your life it takes a little bit till it feels normal. The beginning always feels very stretching and challenging, but then you settle into the “new normal.”

I’m praying for a happy baby who eats and sleeps good. I’ve read all types of books and we attended classes, but I doubt I’ll ever feel totally prepared. But families forever have been having babies, so I know we can do it!

I wonder, those of you who have children… what was the biggest surprise to you – good or not so great?



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7 responses to “One Week (or so) to Go

  1. Mundo Meneses

    The biggest surprise has been the deep love that I feel for Eli. I knew I would love him bit from the first time the strong emotions were just amazing. I have tried to think every moment that I just make the most of it and enjoy him. It has been a blast. You’re never ready for sure and then again you are because God has called us to be fruitful and multiply. So the grace to be parents comes with the job! Not always easy but a deep gratitude for the opportunity is always on my mind. Enjoy every moments. You and Greg will be awesome parents, I know it!

  2. Blake Thames Ogletree

    Congrats!! I know your baby’s birthday will be a wonderful and special one.

    The biggest surprise for me was how little sleep I could get and still function. I’ve always been a girl who likes her sleep!! But, I found that I could make it with MUCH less than I was used to. God just gives moms the strength to do whatever is necessary at the time. 🙂 GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS!

  3. The biggest bad surprise for me was the post-partum depression. Thankfully, we have ways of treating it once I admitted that I had it.

    The biggest good surprise was how much more I learned about God through parenting.

  4. Kelly Mayberry

    I cannot wait to see if you guys are having a boy or a girl! I keep waiting to see a status update to give us the news :). My biggest surprise with Sonya was that we had to wake her in the hospital to feed her. Of course, we learned the hard way that if we let her sleep all during the day, that she would be up all during the night. So with Kamryn, we kept her up as much as possible during the day (but with still keeping her on a nap/feeding schedule) and she did great throughout the night. In fact both girls were sleeping through the night in 4-5 weeks! I hope that you are just as lucky with a great sleeper! Keeping a schedule is key! Good luck!

  5. Congratulations! Motherhood is incredible, life-changing, magical, overwhelming, joy-filled. You are going to love it.

  6. Oh, I just noticed that you wrote this post on November 16. Since today is December 14, I think it’s safe to assume that you’ve had your baby. 😉

    How was your labor/delivery/recovery? Thinking of you…

    – Stephanie

    • krievans

      I have! I just posted my birth story for everyone to see. Scary. But I loved reading others when I was pregnant, so there it is. So happy to be a mom! Love it so much!

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