Isaiah’s Birth Story

We welcomed a little boy into the world – Isaiah Samuel Evans – on November 19, 2009. He was 3.4 kg/7 lbs 8 oz and 49 cm/19.5 in. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Just after Isaiah was born!

I want to share my birth story because I totally got so much out of reading other people’s birth stories. But I want to warn you that I tell the whole story, so for some it might be TMI (too much information). If you are normally one of those people, just skip it. If you are someone who loves to hear the details, here it is! And if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, I hope it’s encouraging! I really had an amazing pregnancy and delivery and I praise God for it all! Can’t wait to do it again!

I am so happy to be a mother! I can’t believe it! It’s amazing the love that welled up in my heart for this little one the minute I laid eyes on him. I’m so in love with little Isaiah. We are so thankful for a healthy little boy!

Here’s how we got here….Wednesday, Nov 18, we had just finished lunch (about 11:30) and Greg and I were watching some TV before he headed to his weekly prayer meeting downtown. All of a sudden, I felt something wet and I jumped up from the couch and ran over to the tile. I told Greg, “I think my water just broke.” He just stared at me blankly. “Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s what just happened,” I said as I felt water running down my leg. Greg went to get me a towel – none on the couch, just the tile – woo, hoo!

I called my doctors office and the receptionist told me to head to the hospital and she would let my doctor know. We gathered up all our things – I was in a little shock. I mean I knew he could come any minute but I totally thought I’d be into next week. In fact, just that morning I had emailed a friend and had said nothing was going on here.

So at the hospital (about noon), they walked me to the Labor Ward. I put on a gown – pretty cool one that crisscross tied in a nice blue color – and started answering questions fro the nurses. I still was not having any contractions. My doctor came in and examined me and they all decided that my water had broken. I was 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor to check the baby’s heartbeat and to see if I was having contractions. I actually was but didn’t know it. The contractions continued to get stronger, but just felt like menstrual cramps to me and I seemed to be handling them fine. At this point, I was still saying I wanted to try to do it without pain relief. Greg and my doctor were both advocating the epidural, but I wanted to see how far I could go. My doctor was also delivering another baby that day, so he went off to help her and said he’d be back at 2 pm to check how I was doing.

So we just sat there while my contractions got a little worse, but still manageable. I received the lovely enema and just spent time going to the bathroom. 2 pm came and went and we could actually see through the glass windows, that our doc was still in and out of that delivery room. A little before 4 pm, Greg went home to let the dogs out and get them all set. While he was gone, my doctor came by again and did another exam. I was only between 2-3 cm now, so he decided to stretch my cervix. It was so painful – it was that moment that I decided to go for the epidural!  He wanted to also start me on oxytocin that would speed things up and make the contractions more intense. The nurse called, and arranged for it and I was moved to a delivery room. Now the contractions were coming on much harder since the little stretching and I was anxiously awaiting the anesthesiologist.

The anesthesiologist was this older gentleman who explained everything to me. He put an IV in my wrist that didn’t hurt at all – which was one of the things I dreaded about the whole procedure – and did the epidural with no pain at all. Greg came back in the middle of it and was also glad that I was getting it done. He asked if his was next.

After that, everything was peaceful! They started the oxytocin, my doc did another exam – this time it didn’t hurt at all – and my contractions kept coming stronger. For those of you who haven’t had an epidural, I was so surprised at the effect. It didn’t take all feeling away from my lower part of my body, but just pain. You can still feel touch, but it’s not painful. Amazing!

The labor room had a TV, so we sat there watching stupid movies (Stepbrothers with Will Ferrell was on the movie channel – you really can’t get much stupider than that!) while we waited for my cervix to dilate. At 9 pm, I was only 6 cm, so they turned up the oxytocin and my doctor said he’s see me in 2 hours. I know when your water breaks they like to have the baby delivered within 12 hours, so we working under a deadline. At about 10:40, I started feeling a lot of pain/pressure near my tailbone. I didn’t know if that was normal, so Greg went to find the nurse and she said it was a good sign. That got so uncomfortable as we waited for the doc to come back at 11 pm. When he did, it was time to start pushing! Yea!!

So we pushed for over an hour. Isaiah’s head was almost out – we were all excited – but then it stopped moving. Push after push didn’t make much of a difference, so the doctor decided to use the vacuum extraction to help. That also meant a lovely episiotomy. Both those things I really wanted to avoid, but at this point, he just needed to be born, so none of that mattered!

One more push, with the help of the vacuum and Isaiah was born! They put him on my tummy and it was so amazing! Even though he was slimy and covered in stuff, it really was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

His coloring was really good – nice and pink. He wasn’t screaming, but the doctor slapped him on one of his feet and he showed off the set of lungs he has. They cleaned him up right there and then handed him back to me. We were able to cuddle and breast feed for the first time. He latched on very quickly and acted like he knew what he was doing.

I stayed at the hospital for the rest of the night that Isaiah was born and the next night. We came home on Friday, November 20th and started the adventure called parenthood.


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  1. This is an amazing story. I am very happy for you and Greg. Parenthood is a one of the greatest experiences you can have. I know you and Gregg will make great parents.

    God Bless and be with you both in your adventure of parenthood.

    Love you both

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