Learning About My Little Man

One of the best things about being a new mommy is how fun it is to discover your little one’s personality. I love taking personality tests and talking about categorizing personality but I figured all that would happen when he was older. Little did I know there is a lot to learn during those first few months. I’ve learned so far that…

Isaiah hates to be wakened up. Most people do, but he really does and will let you know.

Chillin out in the tub

Isaiah loves water! In the bathtub he is hilarious. He just leans back and chills. I hope he’ll enjoy swimming one day too.

Isaiah gets warm easily. Here in Africa, for some reason many people bundle their babies up against any chill. We’ll be at the mall and see parents in tank tops and shorts but their child in the stroller has a fleece blanket bundled around them. Crazy! Isaiah gets hot very easily and dislikes it a lot. Many times I’ll pick him up out of his car seat only to find him sweating on his back. So we love onesies and very light blankets.

Isaiah loves music. A friend gave us a lullaby cd – he loves it! Anytime music is on, he’ll quiet down and listen.

We just navigated through a 6-7 week growth spurt. Hoping to come out on the other side with the ability to sleep through the night – we’ll see. This motherhood thing is challenging but the most fun job ever! Can’t believe I get to raise this little boy – so precious!

What did you learn early on about your little ones?



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2 responses to “Learning About My Little Man

  1. Christy Hicks

    Stew and I learned the day Emma was born that she was going to be a very curious and determined little girl. She was trying to hold her head up and look around to see what the different noises were and who was talking. She’s still like that. Doesn’t miss a thing!

  2. Melissa Saunders

    I learned that Evan was hot-natured. He liked upbeat music to go to sleep instead of lullabies. His favorite song that always calmed him down was “The Hokey-Pokey”. It really was what life was about for us (at least for a while).
    I learned that Joel really likes food (once we got over the reflux issues). He will resort to any means necessary to get food. He does NOT like the song “Silent Night” (from birth on).
    There were some things about their personalities that changed over time, but these have remained the same.

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