Read the Bible in 90 Days – Check IN

Here we are – Day 11! How are you doing?

I got behind this weekend by one whole day! But I actually caught up between last night and today. So now I’m officially still on Day 11 and I think I’ll easily get it done.

To be honest, I was glad to finish Leviticus! All those laws and regulations get so tedious. Imagine living by them – Thank You God for sending Jesus!

I’ve figured out my best time to read is while I’m feeding Isaiah. It happens ever 3 hours during the day and lasts about 30 minutes. That gives me at least 3 hours to read – which I don’t need. I usually can finish the day’s reading by my third feeding of the day – except for today when I was playing catch-up.

When is your best time to read?

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2 responses to “Read the Bible in 90 Days – Check IN

  1. Sounds like you are doing really well and have a plan going that works for you. Awesome!
    I’ve just prayed for your reading to continue.

  2. Kay Fast

    I’m up to date so far. I am going to have to read some in the morning though. Find I get to sleepy before I’m done to do it all at night. But I love crawling in a warm bed, when all is quiet and the day is done, and reading before I go to sleep. The past few days, I’ve been abt 10 pp or so shy of finishing. So for the past two days I have been reading a little in the mornings. This morning’s reading finished yesterday’s and started today’s. So think I am back on track.
    I’m reading Today’s English Version from American Bible Society. Has such neat line drawings by a Swiss artist, and is in simple, contemporary language. I divided the total number of pages to figure out how many I need to read each day – turned out to be 31.
    I am enjoying it so much. Picking up all kinds of good “trivia” questions along the way. For instance this morning, I learned that Israel wanted a king, not just because the nations around them had kings, but the idea seemed to start when they figured out they couldn’t trust Samuel’s sons after he would die.

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