Reflections on Mommyhood

My heart is so full and happy being a mom! I’ve been voicing my gratitude to God lately in all my prayers. I’m just so thankful to finally be a mommy! And I just love that little boy so much.

Along with all the smiles and cuddles come some “fun” mommy moments where my mommy fortitude has been tested and I realize just how much is out of my control and requires humility, grace and a good sense of humor.

My hubby is away right now and I had to go to the bank to make deposit (so I could reserve a cute little cottage near the sea for a little holiday when he gets back – our first proper vacation in 2 years!). It was the first of the month, so there’s a long line.

My adorable little one of 3 months is doing great sitting up in his sling resting his head on my chest. All of sudden I hear him grunt. Oh no. He grunts again. Yes. He’s decided, right there in the bank line, to make a dirty diaper. He proceeds to turn pink then red, a common occurrence when he’s working so hard.

A sweet African lady turns and comments about how red he is. “He’s so hot! You need to put a wet towel on his face,” She exclaims. (Umm, second time this week his “redness” has elicited such responses!)

I assure her he is ok and not too hot. Did not really want to go into the explanation about WHY he’s so red.

So we just stand there. Waiting and grunting.

We finally finish our business (at the bank) and head to the grocery store. By this time little boy has snuggled into the sling so he can lay his head back and is sound asleep. I vaguely smell something but decide to just carry on with grocery shopping and not stop to investigate unless he wakes up.

He sleeps the whole time we are shopping. By this time I think my nose has gotten acclimated to the smell and I forget UNTIL we pass a mother with two young children and one of them says – “What smells?!”

Uh-oh. I think it’s us.

Then we go down the cleaning aisle headed for the check out lane and there’s a person peddling – of all things – air fresheners. Now I’m getting paranoid.

We finally get home and sure enough, it was us smelling up the grocery store.

I’m just glad it wasn’t where I normally shop.

Would love to hear about the “fun” moments your children have given you?


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One response to “Reflections on Mommyhood

  1. Leigh

    Hilarious! I can totally relate! I was just scared you were going to say he leaked through the sling or something, Norah always has huge blowouts:)

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