Many Uses for Aquaphor

At one of our well-baby visits, our doctor  casually mentioned that my little boy’s rosy cheeks had a touch of eczema on them. Since then, the eczema started spreading and I was searching online to find something to control this extremely dry skin. I found out that I could use Aquaphor Healing Ointment on it. I happened to have some, tried it and immediately saw a huge improvement!

Then I started thinking of all the uses for Aquaphor – I promise this is not a paid advertisement, I just really love this stuff! If you haven’t tried this stuff, it’s a water-based petroleum – think Vaseline without the stickiness. So incredible. Here are some of the uses we have for it:

1. Chapped lips soother

2. Controlling eczema on babies

3. Diaper rash

4. Dry nose –  you know, like when you have a serious cold and your nose is sensitive. Rub just a bit inside each nostril and squeeze your nose.

5. Dry anything on long-haul flights – airplane air really dries your skin. A tiny tube of this helps with those dry patches.

6. Protect scraps and small cuts

7. Neck rash on babies

8. Protect your face in extreme cold weather

9. Slide rings on or off swollen pregnant fingers

10. Any rash or irritated skin

I’m sure there are lots more! I really love all the uses I get for Aquaphor Healing Ointment except I don’t like that I run out too quickly. That’s a big problem since it’s not available to purchase here in South Africa so I have to import it myself from the States.

The new list of things to bring from the States that we can’t live without: Nestle chocolate chips, Tony’s cajun seasoning, and Aquaphor.

That’s what works for me!



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3 responses to “Many Uses for Aquaphor

  1. We have free samples of Aquaphor at the peditrician’s office where I work. I’m always using it for dry hands. It’s a very good product!

  2. Aquaphor is my go-to product for so much but you gave me some new ideas! Thanks!

  3. Eucerin fanatic

    Great news! Aquaphor will be in South Africa from next month. Find it in your nearest Clicks or Dischem stores

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