My Overseas Birth Story Featured

Just after Isaiah was born!

My overseas birth story is featured over on Missionary Moms blog. She’s doing a series about people who have given birth while overseas – it’s really fun to read the different stories. I feel like I cheated – mine was so easy especially since English is an official language over here.

(One of 11 official languages! Actually I’ve heard rumors that at one of the hospitals in the same group as the one I went to, the nurses will only speak Zulu to you. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but my hospital was all in English.)

For some reason I didn’t include a pic when I sent my story over, so I put one up here. I was not one of those ladies who you say, “Oh she doesn’t even look like she just gave birth.”I look tired because I was! It was about 1 am when this pic was taken and my hair was in a rat’s nest. But I had the most beautiful little boy!

That was almost five months ago… here he is today – my little chunk of love!



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2 responses to “My Overseas Birth Story Featured

  1. Andrea Pavkov

    He is so sweet. Congratulations! My births took place along time ago as my boys are now 12 and 10. We live and serve in Mozambique. Not so far from South Africa. Blessings to you as you settle into being a mom. It truly is the best job a woman can ever have.

  2. Thanks so much for directing me to the Missionary Moms blog! I am so enjoying all of the overseas birth stories!

    P.S. Your little boy is adorable. 🙂

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