Real Life

Sorry to be MIA from the blog world for a bit… we had a little dose of real life – my husband had to have back surgery. Check out the details on our ministry blog.

The good part of it was that my sister came over to help me with Isaiah. It was an unexpected trip and a nice treat for her to see Isaiah at this fun stage of development (5 months). Our home church sent her (they take such good care of us!) and it was a huge help! I could be at the hospital with Greg and have no worries since Isaiah was in such good hands! And he took to her right away. He saw her when he was just a month old, but of course could not remember that. We do look alike, so I joked the first day when I came home from the hospital that he realized – “wait, there are two mommies!”

Aunt Sonja and Isaiah

So now both Greg and I have experienced hospitalization in South Africa (me when I gave birth to Isaiah). The crazy thing is neither of us have anything to compare it to since we were never in the hospital in the States (unless you count tonsils removed when I was little, but I don’t remember it).

One thing that is different is the strict visiting hours. In the States, at least where we live, spouses could even spend the night if they wanted to. Here, I had two hours (at different times) I could see Greg. The first night when I stayed just a couple minutes pass the end of the visiting hour, the nurse asked if I was going to stay and nurse him all night. I said, “Sure.” She was kidding. I wasn’t.

Out to eat with my sis the last night she was here

He’s back home now with a big cut along his neck that is healing up nicely. One more week of (almost) total rest, then he can go back to a little more activity. It’s been an interesting season. Since February, Greg’s been battling something – first severe tonsillitis (three rounds of antibiotics to kick it!) then the back injury. We are declaring health and healing in our house! Thank you God for seeing us through!



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2 responses to “Real Life

  1. That “visiting hours” policy would drive me crazy! Is it the same if you have children in the hospital?

    • krievans

      Thankfully I don’t know from personal experience, but parents can stay with their children in the hospital. I think the strict visiting hours comes from the fact that most rooms are wards – four beds or two beds. There are very few private rooms and those cost a lot extra. I know when I had our baby, we could have sprung for the private room but it was 3x the cost – but my husband could have stayed if he wanted to. For his back surgery, Greg was in a two bed room but no one was in the other bed. That was nice.

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