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I voted today. We went to early voting and walked right in – no line – nothing. It was great! Last time I went to early vote we waited over an hour.

I think it is hugely important that everyone in our country participates in the democratic method and exercises their right to vote. We should all be concerned about the future of our country and who leads that future – at the national and local level. We are privileged to live in a country that allows us to elect our leaders in fair elections. We just cannot take this right for granted.

This primary season has been very exciting and interesting! It’s changing all the time! Even with all the differences in the candidates, one thing we can rest in is that all these leaders are committed to maintaining a democracy; if someone loses, they will not entice violence in the streets. We need to count our blessings!

If you don’t know who you should support, check out the site Who Should You Vote For? There’s a quiz that has you go through the issues and some personal beliefs and values. Then you get the results. Here are mine! Just as I thought…

Who should you vote for?

Mike Huckabee     93
John McCain     63
Mitt Romney     36
Ron Paul -30    

You expected: Mike Huckabee
Your recommendation: Mike Huckabee

Party: Republican
Born: 1955, Hope, Arkansas
Family: Wife and three children
Career: Staffer for James Robison; Church Pastor
Political career: 12th Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, 1993-6; 54th Governor of Arkansas, 1996-2007
Hot topic: Fair tax
Did you know? First job, at 14, was working at a radio station where he would read the news and weather
Supported by: Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Ric Flair


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