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Organizational Helps

I have a confession to make that won’t come as a shock to those close to me: I am not organized. It’s a fact that I accepted long ago but one that does not stop me from trying. My “Works for Me Wednesday” tips are some organization tools I’ve found recently that have been helping me organize my life a bit. While I’m not perfect in using them yet, I’m on my way.

Daily Docket from Simple Mom blog – This is a great blog packed full of helpful hints to simplify your life not just through organization but also to keep a simple first-things-first perspective on life. – Another great blog that is full of inspiration and practical tips and forms to help moms get organized. I love her morning routine but I have to admit I’ve not started it yet – I’m inspired, now I just need the action!

Menu Planning Worksheet – Since the birth of our little boy, my husband has been doing the majority of the grocery shopping, so some good planning was needed. Here’s the Menu Planning Worksheet that I developed to help me think through meals. I specifically plan the dinner meals, but for breakfast and lunch I just list items that we like to eat for those meals and decide each day which ones to choose. For dessert, I usually make one or two a week.

Grocery Worksheet – Here’s the Grocery Worksheet I use to send my husband to the store. It’s divided into different segments that correspond to the areas of the grocery store we shop at most often.

So that’s what’s working for me with organization!



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Dinner Guests

Ok, so my husband just got a text from our dinner guests tonight saying they can’t eat bread or dairy products.

Umm, currently making homemade rolls for tonight and planning on making a beef, cheesey noodle bake dish.

Scrambling and making up something to cook.

Realizing that we eat A LOT of pasta, cheese and bread. Hmm. Should work on that.

Now, what type of dessert doesn’t have flour in it – that I have the stuff to make?

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